Amber Holt (amberkaye81) wrote in csu_georgia,
Amber Holt

Hello from Columbus Tech!

Hey Charlie! Great community so far! Actually... I joined and then clicked "Journal-Update" so I haven't actually seen the community yet other than the info page, which looked good though. :) I used to go to CSU, which is why I joined... to be re-united with those I went to school with. You said in your post about this group it was for people who were in some way connected with CSU... and I'm connected! :) I go to Columbus Tech now but am thinking of taking a class at CSU if I can get HOPE right away or if tuition is reasonable for 1 class at a time because I'm trying to avoid a particular teacher at my school and I am obligated to stay in school until Dave's out of the army, which is until January or April of 2006... so I've either gotta change majors (don't wanna do that) or change schools (don't wanna do that either) or tough it out with the teacher I don't like (REALLY don't want to do that). Anyway... I'm here! :)
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